Chris Knight reaching a goal

I have been specializing in weight loss since 2001
Your health is my passion
I offer professional coaching sessions on-site at your location in Peoria, Arizona

I coach anyone in the US via secure video coaching

You'll receive incredible service and superior products individualized to meet your needs

You'll enjoy continued support for a lifetime

I offer on-site corporate wellness and weight management programs for small to large work sites

I'm dedicated to excellence in my industry

I aspire to positively impact the world one family at a time
Join countless others who have came to me in search of a final solution to their struggles with weight loss. 

I'm dedicated to anticipating the needs of my clients and doing everything possible to meet them. As a full-time Professional Fitness, Nutrition and Life Coach I strive to educate and empower the people I chose to work with so that they will find a lifetime of success.
"Chris has made a tremendous impact on my health and attitude in a relatively short amount of time."

-Teresa C., Seattle
"I had 50 pounds to lose when I started my weight loss program, and I couldn't have done it without Chris."

-Melissa A., Duvall
When I needed help, Chris worked with me on a meal plan; when I had questions, he took the time to explain the answers; when I got frustrated, he cheered me on. I feel that Chris is quite compassionate and deeply cares about others. 

-Sandy S., Federal Way
Chris Knight

Fitness Specialist

 Nutrition & Life Coach

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