Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions:

What if I just want to talk to a Personal Trainer about getting started, but don't know if I actually need to purchase a package of personal training sessions?
-As many people aren't sure in the beginning about the many details that are involved in changing to a healthier lifestyle, Quest’s Personal Training now offers a fitness consultation via phone or in person to help you get started. This is a great opportunity for you to spend some time with a personal trainer to learn the basics of exercise, nutrition, and other aspects of the fitness lifestyle before deciding whether or not to purchase a package of personal training sessions. For some people, this is enough information to get them started down their path, and for some people, this is just the first step. Either way, having a fitness consultation allows you to make an informed decision about how to proceed with your health and fitness goals.

Is there an age range for people new to working out or training?
-we've worked with many kids starting at age 12, however the bulk of our clientele are women between 30 and 70 that are simply looking to feel better, improve health and to "tone up without looking like a bodybuilder". The right trainer will always be well diversified and know how to accommodate any special need you may have. So as long as you are still alive, it’s never too late to be in the shape you desire.

Is Personal Training the same for everyone?
-No! Your program is completely individualized for everyone depending on your goals, abilities, previous injuries, sports and lifestyle.

Does the trainer get "all hyped up" like a drill sergeant during the sessions?
-there are different types of training styles throughout the industry. Our trainers are not the drill sergeant type. You'll always feel comfortable. We believe in positive affirmation and empowerment. Our training methods are functional strengthening and core conditioning.

Will you push me past my comfort level?
-No! Your personal comfort is extremely important to us. Your trainer will make sure you feel safe and enjoy your sessions. Your exercises may not always be easy, but you will never be pushed beyond comfort.

How much input will I have?
-the whole program is about you. Your input is very valuable. Your trainer will know what to do, but will use your input to modify your routine when needed.

Can everyone benefit from training?
-I believe that everyone can benefit from some level of training. Whether your looking to lose weight, maintain current health, post rehab retraining, or an athlete looking to optimize your performance you will gain something from training with a fitness professional.

Why use a personal trainer if I know how to exercise?
-you might be surprised with how the smallest things can make or break your program efficiency and results. Technique is the most important key to success and proper techniques are not always obvious. Your trainer will have vast knowledge to make any modification you need to accomplish your goal.

Should a woman client only use a woman trainer?
-no! 90% of training clients are women. Male and female trainers are equally qualified to work with both men and women. What it should boil down to is education and commitment. Male trainers in the real world are not like the ones on TV. However its usually slit down the middle with women that are more comfortable with women and women that work better with men.

How often should someone train?
-the average client trains three times a week with their trainer. Many clients have enjoyed the company and accountability their trainer provides. Occasionally clients will use training as a 'follow-up' once a week and do the remaining sessions on their own.

How long will it take to start seeing results?
-you will start to feel results in 2 to 3 weeks. The first month your body will go through many changes. Your weight loss will be healthy and consistent when you follow a regular routine.

Do I have to gain bulk to lose wt and lean out?
-by training your core and not focusing on heavy weight its easier for you can tone up or lean out with only minimal muscle size gained.

Do I use the same trainer or therapist every session?
-ideally you'd use the same person each session. But you might use another trainer or therapist temporarily if yours is taking time off.

How long are typical sessions?
-full sessions are 55 minutes. In some cases you can break sessions down to 30 minutes depending on your needs and abilities.

How are sessions paid for?
-sessions are paid for in advance and usually purchased in packages of up to 12 sessions. You are able to pay for all services with cash, checks payable to Seven Wellness, and credit card payments through PayPal's secure payment systemcv.

Will my trainer try to push supplements on me?
-definitely not. We'd be happy to make recommendations upon request, but will never push or require you to use supplement products.

How do I find the right personal trainer for me?
-When seeking a personal trainer, there are many things to look for. Most importantly are their qualifications and experience. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't let a surgeon perform surgery on my knee if they had little or no experience. A personal trainer could seriously injure you if they don't have the experience or knowledge. There are many small, delicate parts to our bodies that are directly affected by exercise. Moving them at the wrong angles with too much weight could warrant a trip to the emergency room. Examples of certifications to look for are: AFAA (Aerobic and Fitness Association of America), ACSM(American College of Sports Medicine). Every trainer should also be CPR, First Aid and AED certified. You should also look for a personal trainer with at least 1 full year of one-on-one personal training experience and have full liability insurance.

I really don't like to exercise, it's boring and I can't stick with it. I know I should do it but I always find excuses like “I'm too busy to exercise”. Can Quest help me?
-Working with a trainer helps overcome these problems. Exercise becomes part of your schedule, which will help make it a priority. The sessions are interesting and the trainer helps to motivate you. A Personal Trainer is a support person. You know they want you to succeed and will be checking on you. We help you to push yourself within your comfort zone and work for those results.

How much weight can I expect to lose?
-This depends on several factors.  How much fat do you have to lose?  How disciplined are you going to be with your eating habits and workouts?  How much sleep do you get at night?  Each of these play a part in helping you lose fat.  Notice that I mention losing fat and not just scale weight.  Most people, when exercising and eating properly, can expect to lose about 6-8 lbs of fat per month. Most of the popular diet programs use weight loss in their promotion and advertising.  But, if you concern yourself with what the scale reads rather than how much fat you are carrying on your body, then you are concentrating on the wrong number.  For instance, if you take a male approximately six feet tall, and 205 lbs;  according to every height and weight chart, including the well promoted BMI chart, They would need to lose about 30 lbs to be at a healthy weight.  However, if you were to do a body fat assessment, you may see that they only carry about 12% body fat, which is a very healthy percentage for an adult male.  Don’t worry so much about what the scale reads, worry about how you look in the mirror, how your clothes fit, and how much body fat you carry around each day.

Why is Personal Training worth the cost?
-people often don't prioritize their personal health and make investments in themselves. If you have pain, often feel short of breath, feel tired throughout the day, have diabetes or have low self esteem due to being over your desired weight... Put a price on what it would be worth to alleviate those issues. Add up how much you’d spend in a month on doctor visit co-pays and prescriptions, physical therapy that may be prevented, loss of time at work due to injury or sickness that may be prevented, energy drinks, coffee and useless ‘magic pills and potions’ that will not do anything beneficial for you in the end except and calories or help you flush your hard earned money down the drain.