Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions:

Appropriate at any age
It is safe for kids to start exercising at age 12, so long as they are mature enough to understand form, technique and safety measures regarding resistance training. On the other end, I've worked with clients into their late 90's and have achieved great success with helping them regain physical strength and physical independance.
I'm a well diversified coach and know how to accommodate any special needs you may have. As long as you are still alive, it’s never too late to start improving your health, physical strength, flexibility and quality of life.

Individualized routines
Your routine is completely individualized and varies greatly based on your current abilities, personal health goals, previous injuries, sports involvement and lifestyle choices.

Comfort zone
Never! I encourage people to challenge themselves, but never ask to push past your comfort zone. Whenever I ask you to do something challenging, I continually asses form/technique to ensure you feel safe and enjoy your sessions.

Your input
The whole program is about you. Your input is very valuable, and I will take it into account when I'm develping your program.
Can everyone benefit from coaching?
I believe that everyone can benefit from coaching. Whether you're looking to lose weight, maintain or improve health, improve flexibility and balance, or re-strengthen after recovering from an injury.

Why use a personal trainer if already know how to exercise?
Small corrections in posture and technique can make a significant difference in how the exercise feels and the results you recieve. I've met hundreds of people who've exercised for decades, that have been doing exercises improperly. Exercising with poor form and technique can lead to unnecessary discomfort, limited results, joint injury or muscle strain.

How often should someone train?
The majority of my client prefer 2-3 times a week.
Others prefer to utilize me for 'follow-ups'. In this case our initial meeting will assess your goals, body strength, flexibility and mobility. We then meet 1-3 more times within a a couple week period while I develope your program. Once the program set-up is complete, you decide how often you'd like a follow-up session.

How often should a program be updated?
An exercise program should be updated every 2-3 months. After 3 months of performing the same exercises, your results will start to plateau.

How long will it take to start seeing results?
You will start to feel results within about 3 weeks. The first month your body will go through many changes as you adjust to the new routine. Over the course of the following 2 months, You'll notice an improvement in strength, flexibility, mobility, energy level and muscle tone.

How long are typical sessions?
Sessions are 30 - 60 minutes depending on your needs and abilities.

How are sessions paid for?
Sessions are paid for in advance. You are able to pay for all services with cash, checks payable to Seven Wellness, and credit card payments through PayPal's secure payment systemcv.