Senior Fitness Coaching
If you're looking for someone to help you:

  • Retain or regain the ability to live independantly
  • Reduce the risk of falling in the future

I can help you:

  • Improve balance and the ability to stand without assistance
  • Increase body strength, physical ability and overall vitality
  • Increase flexibility

I've had a few people who started out barely being able to walk without assistance, and have helped them return to "traveling the world one last time" and "living without depending on family". The first person I helped achieve this was a guy named Bill. He wanted to do ONE pull up and gain the ability to hike the Great Wall of China. It took us 9 months of dilligent coaching, and he achieved his goal! It was fulfilling to know that I was able to help someone achieve their biggest goals in this context, because Bill passed away only 6 months after having hiked a portion of the Great Wall unassisted.