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How to find a professional coach
                           that can change your life
How to find a professional coach
                           that can change your life

  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
  • Certified Fitness Specialist
  • Life Coach
  • Nutrition Coach
Finding a Personal Trainer
  Finding the right Certified Personal Trainer can definitely change your life. What I would like the opportunity to do is help guide you to hiring one that will impact your life for the better. If you want to lose weight, become healthier, reduce back pain and/or tone your muscle, hiring a professional certified personal trainer, fitness specialist or nutrition coach can be a giant leap in the right direction. A decent trainer can help you get going, but a great trainer or coach will positively impact and change your life!

  You’ve already taken the first step and now it’s time to learn how enlisting the service of a professional coach can change the game for you.
What can a trainer or coach offer you:
  • Accountability
  • Professional guidance that has been built from direct experience
  • A comfortable environment where you can enjoy your workout
  • A baseline composition assessment and follow-ups to help you       
                understand the changes you are making and the impact they are having 
                on the body
  • Help you set baseline goals, sub-goals and final goals
  • Help you get to your goals without injury

Chris Knight

Owner of Seven Wellness

Certified Fitness Specialist
Nutrition and Life Coach
Chris Knight from SevenWellness.com training Bill Lewis
Topics I will cover in this article:       

  • Questions you MUST ask a potential trainer.
  • Questions to ask yourself prior to hiring your trainer or coach.
  • What's the difference in results a trainer can help you achieve vs. what you can achieve alone.
  • How to use a trainer to break through barriers.
  • How to find professional trainers and coaches.
  • Why hiring a trainer from a corporately owned fitness center is not a good idea.
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My mission is to share with you in a way that will help you grow in health, knowledge, spirit and in life. You have the opportunity to make this the last day of accepting poor health. Increase your vitality and a quality of life starting with today. You deserve an exceptional life! Never doubt that. I want to help you make decisions that take you one step closer to changing your habits and living the life of your dreams. Following these steps will greatly help when searching for a trainer to best suits your needs.